Aleph By Paulo Coelho


The book dragged me into a different world. Like confirming reincarnation. It reminds me the Korean novela The Legend of the Blue Sea, where Joon Jae saw his past. Im a little surprised that the book is actually about Paulo himself. It did say many things I couldn’t grasp until now but out of nowhere I find peace after reading it. Plus I got a chance to know a piece of Paulo. A great piece of his life happened centuries ago. 

A little inspiration


That would be all I need right now. To be able to right is to be able to dream. To be able to sing is to be able to hear. To be able to dance is to be able to feel music. Deep in your soul. Close to your heart. Near other than everyone else but you. All you really need is a little of that fire called inspiration.

Keep on writing. Carry on..

Love is a choice


Feelings are merely feelings

Feel that now

Wont feel that later

Feelings are just the catastrophe of love..

At the end of the day you always choose who, when, and where to love.

Love is not just a feeling.

Love is commitment.

A strong force of your life.

Choose wisely. Love unconditionally.


You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

– Zig Ziglar


The answer you are looking for? The idea you are waiting for? They do not come when your mind is too busy and your thoughts too noisy. They come when your mind is still and the silence is golden. Solitude is important. Learn it and better still practice it. And when your soul is troubled, pray.