​I think projects should be done on a step by step basis with the whole team’s coordination. Of course with a help of a good team leader. 

Implementation of too many projects would distract team members from one goal to another. Focus is key. Coordination is balance. Leadership is tool.
Just my opinion.



I dreamt of something (money thing) last night. The feeling’s so strong. Then it came true, somehow.

Next time I would decide to neutralize any feeling I have on any dreams before it came true. Unless it’s a happy feeling.

Law of attraction actually works here.

Good vibes!



Yes been working for more than four years. I’ve had a boss back in my first job who’s very knowledgeable in her subject matter but is complicated in her decision making. I always thought she’s ridiculous and doesn’t know what’s her doing. Until I met my second job’s boss that I appreciated every leadership effort my first boss has. 

I wouldn’t describe my second boss but certainly in terms of subject matter expertise my first boss was way superior than my second boss.  

Just saying! There’s no perfect workplace. there’s just perfect attitudes for all circumstances. 😁