You and Me


The first time we met I’ve the least idea that I would be as close to you as now, maybe none at all. I was busy of all the things going through me. At home. At work. Surrounded by friends whose leaving me one by one, at work, at least. I was focused on things that matter to me back then. My job. My family (always). My current commitments. I didn’t noticed you then. You were there but it took me couple of months to realize. You were there the whole time.
Then I noticed you. Got curious of you. Admired your charismatic smile. Your focused spirit. And your simplicity with style. I was then occupied with so many things. Dreamed of so many dreams. Lost by so many circumstances. Then I found you. I felt a sudden hope in me because of you. The sweetest of you that night you hugged me in your room made all of the decisions in me to put all my hope in us. I was frightened as well as excited. I was afraid as well as hopeful.
We became best of friends. We chat all the time like there will be no tomorrow. For the first time in my life I lived by the present on those days I was still beginning to know you. That was a courageous act to fully trust your self with someone who’s completely stranger to you. I felt bravery to share things I didn’t even share with anyone but you. I felt love for the first time I didn’t even felt like before. It was a very special love between the two of us. 



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