I learned humility here. (my first job)

With everyone working as if they know nothing. To be able to learn new things, they let their superior teach them what, how and when to do or not to do things. It’s how we live here. It’s how we do and learn things.

Without being humble you’ll end up crashing and wasting somebody else’s time by ruining the ‘must-be’ word by insisting your own way. It was then I am as proud as I was before that I wouldn’t listen to anyone. Just me, just myself that I thought I was skilled enough for the job.

But then after I learned how to be a subordinate I learned how to be a superior. I learned that in every being you’ll learn something you knew you know but not. You’ll learn how to depend other things to someone, not just on your own.

It’s this how I’ve come to know and introduce myself to humility or even lived with it here at work. It’s this how I learned new things from my workmates.

-Pai Shiria


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