One day a new employee went to the HR and said .. I’m not interested in coming to the office anymore.”
The HR responded, β€œBut why?”

Then the boy told β€œAh! I can speculate many employees speaking badly about other Employees on back of him/her, Few employees looking at their fellow employees in a wrong way, there are hell lot of things that I can prove you wrong in our Office”

The HR replied β€œOK. But before you go, take a full glass of water and walk three times around the office area without spilling a drop on the floor.

he walked three times around the office floor.

Then he reached HR saying that he is done with it.

And the HR asked β€œWhen you were walking around the Office floor did you see any employee speaking badly about another Employee? Any Gossips? Any disturbances?


β€œYou know why?”


β€œYou were focused on the glass, to make sure you didn’t tip it and spill any water. The same goes with our life. When our focus is on our priorities, we don’t have time to see the mistakes of others.”

Moral of the story.

Concentrate on priorities and not on others Mistakes.



Susulat ako ng tula at dula
Kung saan ang tula ay dula at ang dula ay tula
Susulat ako ng mga gusto kong linya
Kung saan mananatili ang mga matatamis na salita

Susulat ako ng susulat ng mga tugma
At hindi ako mapapagod
Gaya ng pagtingin ko sa malayo sayo noon
Hanggang sa ikaw ay nasa piling ko na ngayon

Susulat ako ng bahagya ng aking mga biyaya
Susulatin ko lahat ng ikinaliligaya
Paminsan minsan susulat ako ng malungkot
Dahil minsan hindi kita maaabot.

Susulat ako ng tunog at gagawin kong himig
Sa isip mo ito ay iisa lang ang tinig
Ngunit sa aking imahinasyon samut sari ang binabanggit
Mahal kita, oo ikaw ay aking iniibig

Sa walang hanggan isisigaw ko ng malakas
Lahat ng panulat ko’y binibigkas
Na sa hanggan dulo ng wagas
Susulat ako at susulat na parang pantas

Ang mga salita ay wala
Magkakaron kapag pinakawala
Lalo na sa isip na may imahinasyon
Paano pa ang pusong may inspirasyon?

Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster


Finally, read this book πŸ“š from my childhood’s cartoon character Judy Abbot. I was thrilled that letter could really can made a book. Just enjoyed reading. Very light and cheerful. And I didn’t know it has it’s second book. I shall be reading it soon. πŸ˜‰

The Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho


Words of wisdom with many contradictions. It seems you can only apply once you’re in the situation. Yeah, every battle is situational. You just have to observe and remain to be the mature person. This reminds me one of the books in the bible, Proverbs. I’ve read it countless times before, and still get different messages from each reading. I think I can read the Warrior of the Light many times and never get enough wisdom as they may deemed fit. Another deep reading material from Paulo. πŸ™‚